US Soft Cotton - Very Soft Boucle

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This ultra-soft lovely cotton is a loosely plied boucle.   It is packaged in skeins that are tied for dyeing or cones.  This is amazingly soft for blankets and throws.

We also have this same yarn in 1-lb and 3.3-lb cones. 

Excellent for weaving !  Plain weave blankets work well at 10epi.  Can also be used for knitting and crochet.

100-gram skein (natural color only):  440 yards

1-lb cone - 2000 yards

3.3-lb cone - 6600 yards (natural color only)

Colors are sold by the ounce.  For ounces greater than 3, the colors are wound onto cones.  When purchasing by the ounce, put a note on your order or email us with the color selections.