Louet Jane Floor Stand (also for Kombo)

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This beautiful floor stand is a nice accessory for your Jane loom. Having the stand available makes it easy to weave most anywhere in your house and it looks nice too.   Want to take Jane on a trip?   Just loosen a couple of bolts and you can lift the loom from the stand. 

Most people do not install their cloth and warp beams in the stand, but it is possible.  The stand comes with the longer apron cords and instructions if you want to do this.  The advantage of placing the beams in the stand is to accommodate very long warps and woven yardage.   The disadvantage is it sacrifices some portability. 

Some minimal assembly is required. 

If showing out of stock, we can normally drop ship within 3 business days.   If not possible, we will let you know right away.

Choose stand size for the 40, 50 or 70cm weaving width looms.