Brassard Cotton Boucle

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This listing for Cotton Bouclé is available in all 81 colors that are also provided for the regular cotton Brassard line (16/2, 8/2, 8/4, 8/8, 16/8).

Provided on 1/2 lb tubes, each tube has 1150 yards.   The yarn is 2300 yards per pound.

Cotton Bouclé is often used with 8/2 cotton or cottolin for towel weaving, and sometimes as both warp and weft.  

Recommended Sett when using this yarn as warp and weft  
Plain Weave - 12 epi  
Twill - 15 epi  

If we don't have your color choice in stock, we can order and have it to you in about 2 weeks.