Brassard 8/4 Cotton

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8/4 Cotton is provided on 1/2 pound (227 gram) tubes.   Each tube has about 840 yards; 8/4 cotton is 1680 yards per pound.  

Natural and Bleached are priced lower than the color options.

Eligible for Yarn Discount:  $10% for over $150; 15% for $250 and over

Typically known as "carpet warp," this versatile yarn is also often used in baby blankets, rep weave table linens, and even to make string heddles for looms and drive bands for spinning wheels.  Tom Knisely has published baby blankets using this yarn, making for a fairly quick weave and a soft, washable fabric.  This, like the other unmercerized cottons, has a matte finish. 

Possible Weaving Setts: Plain weave: 12-15 epi; twill 18 epi

Often used for rep-weave place mats, consider using this yarn at 36 epi for the warp, used for the thin pick along with alternating Maurice Brassard mop cotton (16/8 cotton) for the thick weft.

This yarn can also be used for crochet and knitting projects, and is considered a fingering weight yarn.