Brassard 8/2 Tencel

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Tencel is a cellulose based product and is appropriate for a number of weaving projects.  With it's drape and sheen, it's often an appropriate substitute for silk or mercerized cotton. Tencel has very little elasticity and is very strong. Tencel is absorbant and breathable, similar to other natural plant fibers.

Tencel dyes very well with dyes appropriate for cellulose (like cotton).

Weaving setts are sometimes 20 for plain weave and 24 for twills.

This 8/2 Tencel is considered a laceweight yarn is also appropriate for knitting and crochet.  It is packaged on 1/2 pound tubes and has 1680 yards.    We normally have all colors in stock.   In stock quantities in each color; you can order out of stock quantities and receive within two weeks.