Satin Blocks - 8-Shaft Euroflax Linen Towel Kit

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Kit includes pattern and yarn for a 4-yard warp to weave three towels finishing at 18” x 30” (before hemming).  Each towel has a different weft color.   This is an easy threading (straight twill, 2 block) and a satin tie-up.  Kit comes with a printed pattern and downloads for the pattern and WIF files.  For TempoWeave users, a section assembly file (the 1-repeat) is included to easily adjust sizing.  

If you want to make your own colorway, purchase the pattern-only option and select yarn colors from this link:

Required Equipment: 8-shaft loom with at least 20" weaving width, 8-dent reed, 1 shuttle, 3 bobbins.

Yarn Kit Includes:

Euroflax 30/2 Linen, 4500 yd / lb for all warp and weft yarns except for one weft: Euroflax 16/1 Multicolor 4762 yd / lb (Natural Sapphire color only).

Blue-Green Colorway:  Island Moss: 6-oz cone, 2-oz cone; Navy 3oz cone; Limestone 3-oz cone; Cobalt 3-oz cone; Natural Sapphire 3-oz cone

Neutral Colorway: Natural-6-oz cone, 2-oz cone; Cream 3-oz cone; Pewter 3-oz cone; Cloud Grey 3-oz cone; Charcoal 3-oz cone