Sable Stripes Scarf - Jaggerspun Zephyr 8-Shaft Pattern

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This is a soft scarf in neutral stripes makes a lovely gift for anyone.  The threading originated from a wavy design line plotted on a 1/3 twill network.  The treadling is a simple advancing repeat and is a single shuttle weave. This pattern download includes a PDF with printed threading, treadling and lift plans, a tie-up WIF and lift plan WIF.  A yarn kit is available for this scarf from LoftyFiber. 

Structure:  Twill (networked threading)

Sett: 24 EPI, 22 PPI

Shafts:  8

Width in Reed: 11.7 inches (280 ends)

Reed:  12-dent reed

Warp Length: 3 yards

Finished Size:  10 x 68 plus fringe

Yarn:  Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18:  Ebony - 3 oz, Sable - 1.5 oz, Suede - 1 oz

Yarn kits are available from LoftyFiber: link