Linen Twill Towels - Free Pattern and WIF Download

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This project utilizes different twill threadings and a simple twill treadling.   The pictured project and associated WIF uses 6 colors in the Warp, but a simple adaptation would be to use fewer colors in the Warp.   The towel pictured on the left was woven with a Cloud Grey weft yarn and the towel on the right had a Navy weft.  You could also weave the towel with one of the warp colors. Feel free to experiment with colors you like!

Structure: Twill
Sett: 20 epi
Shafts: 8 or more
Width in Reed: 14.2 inches
Reed: 10 Dent, 2 ends per dent Warp Length: 3 yards (3 towels) Finished Size:
18” wide by 27” long Yarns: 14/2 Euroflax

As shown:
Warp Color A: Marine Blue 65 X 3 = 195 yds Warp Color B: Teal 64 X 3 = 192 yds
Warp Color C: Buttercup 72 X 3 = 216 yds Warp Color D: Aqua 54 X 3 = 162 yds
Warp Color E: Steel Grey 106 X 3 = 318 yds Warp Color F: French Blue 57 x 3 = 171 yds

Weft: Cream and/or Navy 1037 yds

Euroflax 14/2 is sold in 100-gram skeins, 4-ounce and 8-ounce cones.