Linen, Mohair and Silk Multicolored Scarf - Quick and Easy Scarf Kit

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This project works up quickly in plain weave for a light and airy scarf. The warp is 16/1 Multicolor 100% linen and the weft a multicolor Superkid Mohair and Silk.

Requires: loom with 2 or more shafts, 8-inches weaving width, 10-dent reed, bobbin and shuttle.

3-yard warp, 20 epi

This kit has printed PDF instructions and one 2-ounce cone of 16/1 linen in Color Light Azurite Granite and one 25-gram ball of Berroco Aerial Color in color Degas. There are 2 other colorways also available, both with 16/1 linen and one 25-gram ball of Berroco Aerial Color.