Turned Twill 3D Runner and Towel Pattern and WIF in Euroflax 14/2

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This pattern is a digital download of the instructional PDF, a WIF for the tie-up and a WIF for the liftplan.

This project uses twill blocks with color to give a 3-dimensional effect.  It’s really simple to warp and weave.  There are two colors I the warp and a third single color in the weft.

With a 5-yard warp, you can weave a couple of runners, or weave one runner and some towels.  The weft colors can be varied on the towels.  The picture of the runner has a charcoal weft;  the towel is woven on the same warp with a cream colored weft.

Structure:  Twill

Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 15” weaving width, 10-dent reed

Yarn: Euroflax 14/2 (100% wetspun linen; 1225 yd/8 oz cone), Heron  Grey, 680 yd; Cloud Grey, 740 yd; Charcoal, 1205 yd.  Yarn kits available

Warp Length: 5 yds, 284 warp ends, allows 26” loom waste and 7” takeup

Setts: 20 epi, 20 ppi

Dimensions: 14.2” in reed, two runners, each 72 ¾” long measured without tension. Finished size 12” X 68”

Consider weaving one runner and towels on this warp.