LoftyFiber Raddle

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Inspired by the built-in raddles on Louet looms, LoftyFiber has designed portable 3-d printed raddles that can be used on most any loom.  Printed in sections that snap together, a raddle can be assembled quickly into a length appropriate for most any loom.  The raddle can be taken apart for easy storage or transportation. 

The raddles have 4 dents per inch, making it easy to calculate the warp spread.  

Most often the raddles are either clamped or tied to the castle of the loom so that the warp can be spread while standing. 

We make the sections in 6" and 2.5" pieces.  For example, you can make a 26.5" raddle by ordering four 6" sections and one 2.5" section.

Optionally order a set of end pieces.   One set of end pieces has two small flat ends that snap into the outermost sections, providing a flat surface to attach a lightweight clamp to hold the raddle firmly in place.