Leclerc Double-Ended Bobbin Winder and Accessories

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See this Bobbin Winder on YouTube:

Holds both ends of bobbins, spools or pirns. Designed for bobbins, spools or pirns of any length between 2.75" to 8" 
(7 cm to 20 cm).

If you need to wind quills, choose the upgraded winder with the conical ends. 

Foot operated speed control.

Consider adding the optional yardage counter and tension device to accurately wind the correct yardage and tension your bobbins, pirns and spools perfectly. 

When purchasing, add the winder (regular or conical ends) to the cart, then add either the tensioner or tensioner and yardage counter if you want those options.

If you already have a winder, you can purchase the tension device and/or yardage counter separately.

NOTE: The yardage counter can also be used on the Leclerc Tension Box (as used with sectional warping)