Ashford Wool Packs - Merino Fiber Roving/Sliver

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Merino wool is very soft with a closely spaced crimp. You can spin a fine woolen yarn using the long draw or a worsted yarn using a short draw. Merino is ideal for super fine knitting, crochet and lacework.

100gm (3½oz) bag.

Ashford wool sliver is 100% pure New Zealand wool grown on sheep farms in the South Island of New Zealand where the sheep graze on large grassy paddocks and are free from mulesing. Ashford uses wool with good length that is free from breaks, has high bulk, brightness, low vegetable matter and is the correct micron. The wool is washed using a standard aqueous treatment with eco-friendly biodegradable detergent. Then in Ashford's very own woolen mill in Milton, the staff ensures every process is to the highest standard. They start by dyeing the wool using ecologically-safe Oeko-Tex compliant dyes (detailed information can be found at, then steam dry, card, gill, comb and finally wind into bumps. The sliver is then ready to use with no waste or preparation.