Double Warp Helping Hands - Louet Spring and David

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New - Support for Two Warp Chains with LoftyFiber Helping Hands.  Select from two warp chains in any order as you spread the warp and thread your loom. Convenient for designs that require many frequent color changes as well as impromptu warp color decisions at the loom.

Currently only available for Spring and David looms, this add-on allows you to spread warps in the raddle, beam and thread with two warp chains and two sets of lease sticks.

The kit includes an additional set of bases (to hold a second set of lease sticks), an angled prop to attach to your current threading bracket for sleying the raddle and beaming, and a second set of threading brackets.

Note:  You need to also have the Helping Hands kit.  This is an add-on.  A free video is available on in the course, Warping and Weaving with LoftyFiber Accessories course.

If interested in supporting two warp chains for other looms, please email us at to get your request on the development list!