Addi Turbo and Rocket Needles - Sizes 00 to 5

Addi Turbo and Rocket Needles - Sizes 00 to 5

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addi Turbos are a marriage of brilliant engineering with every knitter’s dream. addi’s breakthrough design features a hollow brass core that offers strength and very light weight; the turbo plating provides a smooth ride for your stitches; and addi’s cable is the one that raised the bar for everyone – – here at last is a cable that is flexible, strong and never coiled or kinked. No wonder we all love addi’s so much.
Addi Rockets take your knitting to new speeds!  Here you have the sharper, longer Lace point that so many have come to love and addi’s stellar Turbo plating.  Pick up your stitches with ease, and move them along quick as can be.

Needle sized from 2.25mm to 2.75mm can be a little confusing.  Below, you'll find the US 1/2 is 2.25mm, US 1 is 2.5mm, US 1 1/2 is 2.75mm.   

It's best to go by the needle mm in these sizes as some brands call a US 1 a 2.5mm needle.