LoftyFiber Raddle for Schacht Wolf Looms

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The LoftyFiber raddle has four dents per inch and is about 1-inch tall.  The raddle comes in sections that connect to obtain the correct width for your loom.  Caps snap onto the top of the the LoftyFiber raddle to provide both a flat surface for warp chains as well as to keep threads securely in the raddle. 

If you have a high castle tray, clips of the size to attach the raddle to the tray are included.  If you do not have a high castle tray, clips that fit onto a shaft are included.

Wolf Pup Kit: 3 6-inch sections and caps along with 6 clips.

Baby Wolf: 4 6-inch sections and caps, 1 2.5-inch section and cap; 9 clips. 

Mighty Wolf: 6 6-inch sections and caps,12 clips for the tray

We have changed from the solid white filament to the translucent.  It looks better with the looms and helps to see the yarn!