Tabula Rasa Table Runner Kit - Pattern by Alice Schlein - Euroflax

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This 8-shaft pattern by Alice Schlein produces a beautiful and interesting fabric.   Please note that this 8-shaft draft requires a table or dobby loom as it would require 18 treadles with a tie-up!

The pattern is written to produce two runners on the same warp, with instructions for modifying the length to easily produce different length runners.

The pattern includes complete written instructions as well as WIF files for the complete runner, a single repeat and a section assembly draft for TempoWeave users who want to easily generate different size drafta. 

Finished Size: 12 1/2" wide and 32" long plus 1.5" hems.  (or length desired)

Structure: Doubleweave based on parallel interleaved threading

Sett:  34 epi (sleyed (3,4,3,4,3) in 10-dent reed); 34 ppi pattern

Requirements:  8-shaft loom (table or dobby) with at least 14" weaving width, 10-dent reed and 2 shuttles. 

Yarn Requirements: Warp: 30/2 linen, 4500 yd/lb (Euroflax, LoftyFiber), #11 Red, and #69 Straw, 650 yds of each.  Weft: Same as warp, #59 Cobalt and #31 Lake Placid, 450 yds of each.

Yarn kits contain: 2 3-ounce cones of 30/2 Euroflax Linen in colors Red and Straw for the warp, and 2 2-ounce cones of 30/2 Euroflax Linen in weft colors Cobalt and Lake Placid.  If you'd like different colors, please contact us.