Linen Rug Warp - 100% Wetspun Longline Linen - High Twist - Belgium

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Our rug warps are 100% longline, wetspun linen and come in two sizes.  Note that the sizes 8/2 and 8/4 are in the linen measurement system (LEA)!   

The 8/2 Linen is bleached (white) and is lovely to use in tapestries, rugs such as Krokbragd and is also very nice for table runners or upholstery.  The 8/2 linen has 1200 yards per pound; our 8-ounce cones have approximately 600 yards and 4-ounce cones about 300 yards. 

The 8/4 Linen (Nm 4.8/4)  is a natural color and suitable for rugs warps that require a heftier warp.  The 8/4 linen has 600 yards per pound.   We only sell 8/4 Rug Warp in tall, large cones that weigh between 4 and 5 pounds.   This yarn is priced at $28 per pound.  The listing is for 4.75 pounds.  We refund the difference if the cone is lighter.

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