Rocks and Minerals Towel Weaving Kit

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Loom Type: Rigid heddle or 4-shaft loom
Minimum Weaving Width: 19.50”
Minimum Number of Shuttles & Bobbins: 1 shuttle, 3 bobbins
Number of Heddles per Shaft: Shafts 1-2: 59 Shafts 3-4:58  (total 234 warp ends)
Recommended Reed Dent: 12-dent reed or 12-dent heddle
Width in Reed: 19.5”
Sett: epi: 12 ppi: 14 ppi
Warp Length: 4 yards
Yield:  3 towels
Finished Size:  29” x 17.25”

The towel is mostly plain weave, accented by optional twill stripes. This lovely fabric seems to come right out of nature.  The pebbly texture reminds me of rocks, and the lovely weft colors are 100% linen and named after rocks and minerals.  This is a very simple, quick, and satisfying project, and the towel is very soft!

The warp is a LoftyFiber exclusive thick and thin cotton that is 60% organic cotton and 40% non-organic cotton. The weft yarn is an unusual 100% single ply thin linen yarn from Belgium spun from flax that has been safely dyed with multiple colors that we think looks like rocks and minerals.

Yarn kit contains one 1-lb cone of LoftyFiber Thick and Thin Cotton  (1200 yds) and three 2-oz cones of Euroflax 16/1 Multicolor linen (each 595 yds).