Turned Twill 5-Color Towels Kit

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Choose from the neutral colors, brights, or the neutrals with a turquoise zinger for two weft stripes. This product listing is for the yarn kit only.

The accompanying PDF pattern and digital WIF downloads are available from this listing: 


Structure: 2/2 Twill with 2 blocks

Sett: 24 epi

Shafts:  8

Width in Reed: 18 inches

Reed:  12 dent, 2 ends per dent

Warp Length: 5 yards for 4 towels 

Finished Size:  approx. 15 ¾” X 24”   

Yarns:  Brassard 8/2 Cotton, 1 cone each color (5 colors)

Bright Colorway:  Peacock, Mauve Pale, Royal, Fuschia, Nil Green

Neutral Colorway: Charcoal, Gris Pale, Noir, Stone, Natural

Neutral with Zinger: kit comes with 80 yards of turquoise added to the Neutral colorway