Easy Colorful Cotton Towel for the Rigid Heddle - Pattern and Yarn Kit

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This towel uses 5 colors of Mercerized 3/2 Cotton for a colorful, soft towel that is wonderful as a hand towel for the kitchen or bathroom.  It’s an easy project and a joy to see the colors crossing as you weave.

Sizing: 12" in the reed, woven length 20" each towel not including hemstitched areas and fringe.  Finished size each towel 18 x 10".

Requirements: You'll need a rigid heddle loom with at least 12" width, a 10-dent reed and a stick shuttle (additional stick shuttles are helpful as you have 5 colors).

Printed Pattern and Yarn Included.   1.5 ounces of each color (5 colors) on cones.  Enough for 2 towels.