Ellie's Napkins - PDF Pattern Download by Veronique Perrot - Euroflax 30/2 Linen

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Ellie’s Napkins -  this is the PDF pattern download.    The yarn kit is here: https://loftyfiber.com/products/ellies-napkins-yarn-kit

From Veronique @petitchenefibers: LoftyFiber’s Euroflax linen is lustrous and feels almost like silk. It comes in many beautiful, bright and cheerful colors that shine and play well together, making it the perfect yarn for this project.

STRUCTURE Turned twill

EQUIPMENT 8-shaft loom, 20" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 6 bobbins.

Finished Size:  17X17"

Warp yarns
Euroflax 30/2 Linen (4500 yds/lb; LoftyFiber):

  • Main Color (MC) 1: Tangerine, 440 yds
  • MC 2: Buttercup, 460 yds
  • MC 3: Mint, 600 yds
  • MC 4: Wasabi, 840 yds
  • Contrasting Color (CC) 1: Lavender,220 yds
  • CC 2: Cobalt, 140 yds

Weft yarns

30/2 linen in the same colors as the warp

These napkins are bright and light, and use mainly such colors in both warp and weft. I've called these four colors "main colors," as they form the bulk of these napkins. To add structure and interest, Veronique also used small amounts of darker colors (CC 1 & CC 2) that act as accents, like a dash of bitters in a cocktail.