24-Shaft Linen Gift Towels - Pattern Download

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These pretty towels are lightweight and delicate.  We 6 towels in three different weft colors.  Keep some for yourself and give others as gifts!  Dry your finest crystal or simply use as a fingertip towel and enjoy the feel of quality linen that is soft after the first wash, and becomes even softer with time. 

Pictured are towels woven on a cream warp with weft colors cobal, crabapple, lake placid, natural, and straw.  Choose any color for a 5-yard warp and weave the towels with any weft colors.  This free pattern download has a PDF and WIF files.

Yarn kits are available with an 8-ounce cone of 30/2 linen and 3 2.2 ounce cones of three different weft colors. Click here for yarn kit.

Requirements: 24 shaft dobby or table loom with 14 inches weaving width, 1 shuttle

Yarn: warp: Euroflax 30/2 Linen 2100 yds  Weft:  : Euroflax 30/2 Linen  shown in different colors. Approx 300 yds per towel or 1800 total