Wool Twill Graphic Scarf - Soft Lambswool - Superwash

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This 4-shaft kit comes with three skeins of Mousam Falls 14/4 Superwash wool.  Two for the dark color (warp and weft) and one for the light (warp only).   The simple threading sequence on 4-shafts combined with the striping in the warp makes for a stunning scarf.  The scarf is soft and easy to weave.


4-shaft loom with minimum weaving width of 11.2 inches, 10-dent reed. 

Heddle requirements:

Shaft 1 – 40, Shaft 2-44, Shaft 3 – 45, Shaft 4 – 39.

Warp and Weft:  Jaggerspun Mousam Falls 4/14 Superwash Merino

As shown:  Carbon (primary color) 595 yards, Ecru 285 yards.

Kit contains 2-skeins primary color, 1 skein secondary color.

Each skein has 435 yards.


Warp: 15 epi; Weft: 15 ppi


Finished size: 9 3/4” X 68”

Width in reed: 11.2”.

Warp Length:  3 yards

The kit contains printed instructions.  After purchasing if you want the WIF file, just send us an email at info@loftyfiber.com and we'll email it to you!