Toe-Up Sock Class with 2 Circulars - Starts June 9

Toe-Up Sock Class with 2 Circulars - Starts June 9

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Taught by Judy Rising.

In this class, you will learn sock anatomy and toe up construction using two circular needles.  We will knit just 1 sock, but at the end of class,  Judy will explain how you can use this technique to knit 2 socks at the same time.

Required supplies: 2-size16 or 24 inch cable needles in size 1

(Judy likes to use both needles in the same cable length, but some people think it is easier to keep the needles separated if 1 is 16 inch and 1 is 24 inch. This is a personal preference. Please come and discuss it with me if you are unsure.)

 1 skein sock yarn( 400-435Yds/100g): we have many different ones to choose from. 

Class starts Friday, June 9thfrom 1-3pm and will run for 4 consecutive weeks.

Cost:  $30.00 and must be paid in advance to reserve your place.  Class size is limited.  Yarn must be purchased from Lofty Fiber.