Simple Placemat Pattern

Simple Placemat Pattern

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These placemats are a quick and easy project.  Plain weave requires only two shafts, but you can easily spread over more shafts on your floor or table loom by threading in a “straight draw”.  This listing is for a PDF pattern.

The placemat pictured was warped with two colors, but you can easily modify this to any number of colors and stripe widths. 

The hems are woven in 8/4 cotton (same as warp), but the body of the placemat is woven in 8/8 cotton.  8/8 Cotton is double the width of the 8/4 cotton.

Sett:  15 epi 

Reed:  10 dent sleyed 1-2-1-2...

Yarns:  Brassard 8/4 Cotton (2 cones color A, 1 cone color B),  Brassard 8/8 cotton (1 cone)

Pictured using 8/4 Color A as Stone, Color B as Charcoal and 8/8 Weft in Black.