Purl & Loop Swatch Maker 3-1 Birch

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Weave Small Samples 8,10,12 epi

Purl & Loop, out of Houston Texas, makes these tiny portable looms. 

I like using them to make swatches of cloth before investing the time to set up and sample on my larger looms.  This product measures approximately 9.25" x 6.5" and has a work space of approximately 6" x 7" along with a ruler on the side.

The Swatch Maker 3-in-1 loom comes with color photo instructions, wood tapestry needle, small metal tapestry needle for the smaller and tighter areas of the project, a metal threading needle (for the 10 and 12 e.p.i. holes) and a reusable cotton carrying bag. The birch version includes a birch tapestry needle.