Jaggerspun 50/50 Wool Silk Fiber

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As I was picking up yarn at Jaggesrpun this week,  I was offered to purchase some wool and silk carded fiber!  It was in a large bin and couldn't be used for spinning Zephyr because the ratio of wool and silk wasn't exactly 50-50.  There's a little more merino than silk.  No problem there for the handspinner!

I purchased about 15 pounds, came home and started to spin.  It's wonderful.  It's not roving, but is fluffly carded wool and silk with almost no nubs or imperfections.   I can see the typical sheen from the silk and the softness of the merino is perfect. 

I'm mostly spinning woolen style by looping fiber over my finger and spinning from the fold.   

This would be lovely for making and dyeing your own art batts.   I have offered some for sale on the site, and hope I can get more!

The price is for 6 ounces.