Gowdey Reeds - Custom and In-Stock

Gowdey Reeds - Custom and In-Stock

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The high quality stainless reeds are custom made in Rhode Island.   Please email or call with information about your requirements, and we'll get back to you with a quote .  

It is suggested that you measure the reed that came with your loom, or measure to be sure you are getting a reed wide enough to accommodate the maximum weaving width of the loom.

In addition, verify the height requirements for your reed.  Most reeds are either 4.5 or 5" high.

These reeds are custom ordered from the manufacturer, and may take several weeks to deliver based on their manufacturing schedule for the different densities.  Contact us for a quote on your specific requirements.

In stock custom reeds listed below are available to purchase immediately. The width is the total width of the reed. Usable width is 1/2" less that the total length of the loom.