Weaving Lessons (Project Based - Multi-Shaft Looms)

Weaving Lessons (Project Based - Multi-Shaft Looms)

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Cost: $200 for the course + cost of yarn for project

Duration:  3 to 4 weeks.  Call or come in to discuss and schedule your spot.

Includes dedicated loom in the studio for you to use during the course.  Materials cost depends on your yarn choices for your project.  Projects are chosen that line up with any prior weaving experience and area of interest.

When: Tuesday nights 6pm to 8pm for dedicated instruction, weaving in the studio available during normal store hours (10am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday) and assistance and instruction provided as needed.  

New weavers will learn the basics of project planning, how to read a weaving draft, wind a warp chain, warp a loom back-to-front, wind bobbins and weave.  

A portion of the class fees can be allocated towards the purchase of a new loom from LoftyFiber.

Email:  info@loftyfiber.com

Phone:  864 810 4747