Bambu 7 Variegated

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Bambu7 is a Rayon derived from 100% bamboo cellulose.  This yarn has 2100 yards per pound.  It is similar in size to a 5/2 cotton.

Typical setts for plain weave are  16 epi and twill at 18 epi.

This yarn is lovely for garments and blankets.  It's breathable and lightweight and makes an ideal fiber for baby blankets as no pesticides or fertilizers are used in it's production. 

We also carry Bambu12, a finer version, that is often paired as an overshot warp and tabby thread with the Bambu 7 as the pattern yarn.

The listings below are for cones and are priced by weight (excluding the weight of the cone core).  Bambu7 variegated is $49 per pound.   We also have color cards at LoftyFiber if you want to order a color we do not stock.

If you want to purchase Bambu7 by the ounce, contact us and we can wind off onto another cone or ball for you. Purchased by the ounce, Bambu7 Variegated is $3.75 per ounce.

We also carry solid colors in Bambu7.   See related products below.