Leaded Panes and Lightning Game

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Double weave based on a parallel interleaved threading.


16-shaft loom with at least 15" weaving width, 8-dent reed (sleyed 4 ends per dent), 2 shuttles, 2 bobbins.


Warp: 30/2 linen, 4500 yd/lb (Euroflax, LoftyFiber), one dark and one light color, 720 yds of each

Weft: Same yarn as warp, normally use different dark and light colors, 520 yds each.  

Warp Length

3-yards for 4 placemats or two 38” runners.


Warp: 32 epi; Weft: 32 ppi in pattern area, hems in half-basketweave hems weave at about 24 ppi. 14.4” in reed.


Expect about 4% shrinkage in width and length after washing.

Finished Size Runner (as shown): 38” long X 13.3” wide

Finished Size Placemat (as shown) 19” long x 13.3” wide.