Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

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The Cricket Loom is compact, capable, and cute! The Cricket is available in a 10″ or 15″ weaving widths. The Cricket is made of high-quality apple ply and hard maple and is left unfinished. Each Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed (sorry, no substitutions). We also have 5-, 10- and 12-dent reeds that can be ordered separately.  Included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn.

For those of us with a big stash of knitting yarn, this is a great way to put that stash to a beautiful use!  

Rigid heddle weaving is a simple way to try your hand at weaving.   We have classes available, but it's also not hard for the self-starter to learn by themselves.  There are plenty of books and videos available for this popular start into weaving.

10″ Weaving Width
At only 13″ x 18″ x 6″ and just under four pounds, it’s easy to take along. The 10″ weaving width gives plenty of room to make a variety of projects without sacrificing portability. It’s an ideal size for a new weaver of any age. As of April 2010, the Cricket has been redesigned with the ratchet gear and dog on the outside of the loom to make it even easier to adjust tension. Additional 10″ cricket shuttles and 10″ cricket pick-up sticks are available.

15″ Weaving Width
At 5.5″ wider than the 10″ Cricket, the 15″ Cricket is still compact enough to take with you easily. The 15″ weaving width offers more flexibility in your choice of weaving projects. Uses the same reeds as the 15″ Flip folding rigid heddle loom. Additional 15″ cricket shuttles and 15″ cricket pick-up sticks are available.


Note: We stock the 15" weaving width Cricket Looms for immediate shipment.  Contact us for delivery on the 10" looms.