TempoTreadle System Unit

TempoTreadle System Unit

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TempoTreadle is a device that monitors weaving progress against an electronic weaving design file (WIF) and visually shows the weaver the status of their treadling sequence.  Any treadling errors are detected and reporting to the weaver by audible sounds.  Other features within TempoTreadle support length calculations, color alerts, threading support and more. 

The System Unit for TempoTreadle contains the software (firmware), other circuitry and a color touch screen display that is typically hooked over the castle of the floor or table loom for easy viewing while weaving.  Specially designed sensor arrays are made for many loom models that fit to the loom, floor or table, in a manner that can recognize the treadles or lever movement without getting in the way of the weaver.  No screws or other defacement to the loom is needed to install TempoTreadle.

TempoTreadle is available for many loom models.  If you don't see your loom in the list below, feel free to contact us.  Often we are able to  fit TempoTreadle to looms not yet qualified with pictures and measurements.

This product listing is for the System Unit only; the System Unit is also an option on any of the loom listings for TempoTreadle.   You do need a sensor array (specific for your loom) and a system unit for TempoTreadle.   The System Unit can be unplugged and moved from loom to loom if you have multiple sensor arrays.

More information is available at www.tempotreadle.com

**When ordering a TempoTreadle please include email and phone number **