Euroflax Sport Weight Linen Skeins

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This sport-weight line linen yarn is made out of flax-fiber, which is custom wet spun in Belgium where the finest linen in the world is sourced from nearby flax grown in Belgium and France. The factory where the yarn is spun has been in operation for several generations and they are capable of very high quality, fine yarn production including double-boiling the yarn to give us a very soft and exceptional quality. The yarn is also steam processed to ensure maximum softness.

Euroflax is certified EUROPEAN FLAX® , meaning that in addition to the certified source, the production of Euroflax is done with respect for the environment with no irrigation, no GMO and no waste along with 100% mechanical fibre extraction. Euroflax helps regulate body temperature, moisture management and is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The dyes used for Euroflax are certified Oeko-Tex, so completely safe.

These skeins (hanks) weigh 100 grams and have approximately 270 yards. This is a 4-ply yarn (14/4 lea).

Washing instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle (no bleach).  Dry for 15 minutes and lay flat, or for an even softer result, completely dry in the dryer.  Items made with linen continue to soften with usage and washing.

Knitting Gauge: 2.75-3.5mm needles (2-4 US), 6 stitches per inch

Weaving Setts 10 or 12 for plain weave, 15 for twill