Rigid Heddle Online Class - Learn to Weave a Houndstooth Scarf!

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LoftyFiber is hosting an online class, taught by weaving instructor Elyse Anderson!

This class will be held on Sundays at 2pm for 3 consecutive weeks, starting August 30th, 2020. You can attend by phone, tablet or computer.  If you are local to LoftyFiber, you can attend at LoftyFiber.   Each session will last from 1 to 1.5 hours. You can register here now, or call or email if you have questions!  

We will have a small introductory online session so we can test out your connection for the class.  LoftyFiber will arrange this with you at your convenience.  We can also help you choose yarns during this session.  

We will have 3 live online sessions (not including the introductory session mentioned above). which will include the following:

  1.   Session 1  (Aug 30th)intro to students and instructor; talk about warping with 2 colors. Instructor will demonstrate the warping and students might join in at this time OR do your warping later.  

  2.  Session 2  (Sep 6th)questions about warping, weaving with 2 shuttles, carrying yarn up the side of your project, selvedges.  

  3.   Session 3 (Sep 13th) questions, finishing techniques.
    Handouts will be sent to students after registration. There may also be a video or two
    demonstrating the techniques we’ve talked about that you can replay after the class.

    Requirements for class:
    Rigid heddle loom at least 10 inches wide.
    Know how to warp a rigid heddle loom.
    2 contrasting colors (a dark and a light), Worsted weight yarn (cotton, cotton blends,
    wool, wool blends. I don’t recommend linen or alpaca for this project. Linen has no stretch and alpaca stretches to the moon and back!
    8 dent reed.
    Yarn amount:
    200 yards of each color.