Stocking Stuffer Gifts for a Weaver

Posted by Dawne Wimbrow on

Looking for something fun for your favorite weaver?

There are lots of ways to weight floating selvages or broken warp threads, but none so elegant as Ashford's beautiful warp weights:


Everyone loves the Harrisville Designs Sley Hook (not appropriate for Rigid Heddle looms):

What about a Flying Dutchman shuttle?  This shuttle is a joy to use.  It's smooth to the touch, glides through the warp with ease:

Here's a nice bobbin winder that will work with the Flying Dutchman quills as well as most bobbins:

If you really want to please your weaver, consider gifting an electric double ended winder.  Here are two options:

The winding station by Schacht or the yarn cone stand by Ashford is sure to make a weaver happy!

Still not sure?   We can do a gift certificate for any amount.



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