Schacht's Folding Flip Loom and all the Options!

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The beautifully finished Flip Loom is perfect for serious rigid heddle weavers!   It's a beautiful loom with all the options you'd want for exploring rigid heddle weaving to it's fullest.

The Flip is available in weaving widths of 15, 20, 25 and 30" widths. The wider widths are especially nice for blankets and fabrics for clothing, and of course you can weave double with two heddles on any of the Flip looms.  The Flip has a nice deep shed.  One of my favorite features is the Flip Trap that gives a handy place to put shuttles, bobbins, scissors, etc.

For more information, including pricing, see these links: 

Flip Loom

Reeds:  15 inch  20-inch  25-inch

Stand:  Fits all sizes

Flip Trap

Pick up Sticks 

Recommended book for reference and projects


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