New Christmas Towel Pattern and Yarn Kit (8-shaft)

Posted by Dawne Wimbrow on

These 8/2 cotton Christmas towels with optional "bling" to use in the weft make a fun project for the holiday season. It's hard to capture the sparkle of the towel woven with the bling thread.  Bling is a very thin metallic thread that is not strong enough to stand on it's on.  We wound a bobbin of bling and used it in a double bobbin shuttle along with our normal weft thread.  You could also use two shuttles, one for the 8/2 cotton and one for the bling, throwing both in the same shed. 

Pattern Link (pdf and wif files for the plaid and striped versions as well as lift plans)

Yarn Kit Link


Rigid Heddle weavers - a similar pattern and kit is available here:


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