LoftyFiber Raddle Innovations

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Our raddles have been very popular since we developed them in 2017!  They are deep enough to securely hold threads, have 4 ends per inch and can be customized to different lengths by snapping the sections together. 

Until recently, the preferred method of attaching to most looms was to use a small clamp to attach to the castle.

Now we have clips for many looms, as shown on an Ashford table loom here, that attach to the castle eliminating the need for clamps.   

We now also have adapters that allow our LoftyFiber raddles to be snapped onto the Louet built-in raddles!  This is really helpful when spreading dense warps or larger warp threads. 
Louet Raddle Innovation
Also, we now have caps for the LoftyFiber raddles that snap onto the top protecting the warp threads as well as providing a smooth surface for warp chains.  No more paper!
LoftyFiber Raddles for sections, caps, end pieces and clips for Schacht Wolf and Macomber looms.
Here's a picture of a warp spread in a 48" raddle span with caps and the clips for a large Macomber: 

Special listing for the Ashford table looms in various widths.
Not to be confused with the caps for the Louet raddle!
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